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Many drivers pay little attention to the safety and convenience of others when they are driving on the road, and this causes other drivers to become annoyed with you and as a result cause difficulties for you when you are driving. It is important to signal correctly and communicate where you are going to drive to other drivers around you, in order to avoid annoying them. Here are some ways you can go about doing that.

Consistent Driving
You should always drive with concern for your fellow drivers, and this means driving in a consistent way. Don't speed up and slow down unpredictably and always signal your intentions clearly and with plenty of time. This allows other drivers to drive safely beside or behind you and lets the traffic flow in a balanced manner. This is one of the best ways not to annoy another driver.

Never Impede Traffic
You should never stop the flow of traffic if you find that there are other drivers who are driving at speeds greater than you are. Not only does this frustrate the drivers behind you, but can also cause unnecessary accidents as taught in online course. You should move out of the way by signaling or try to match the speed of the other drivers, but be careful about that, since it can also result in a speeding ticket. You will be asked to to refer articles on online driving school course in Texas to fix this from your record. Always drive close to the speed limit and with the speed of the rest of the traffic so that you don't impede and annoy them, unless you are driving in adverse weather conditions.

Don't Think about Tailgating
One of the rules of decent driving is to never tailgate the car in front of you, no matter what! It is considered to be rude and aggressive driving by many drivers and in certain states you may also get a ticket and fine for tailgating someone. If you need to pass another car, then you need to signal your intentions to them and try to pass naturally without tailgating. Be patient and fall back a little if the car in front of you is slower than you; you may flash your headlights twice to inform the driver about your intentions. This way you will avoid annoying the driver and may prevent an unnecessary accident.

Don't Cut into Lanes
It is important to check your rearview and side mirrors in order to see whether there is another car in your blind spot. You should always be aware of the traffic around you, especially when you are changing lanes. If you move into another lane, ensure that you are up to speed with the traffic in that lane, so that you don't make drivers behind you brake, as this is highly annoying. You should also properly signal before moving into the lane and never cut in the lane rashly, since it is considered to be rude and inappropriate driving.